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The Assembly Show 2016

MoldMan Systems displayed at The Assembly Show in Rosemont IL, October 25th – 27th. MoldMan Systems demonstrated the Mold-Man 1050 Melt on Demand™ and the new Mold-Man 2050 Mix on Demand™ table top machines.

These new patent pending on demand molding processes are revolutionary in the industry. The Melt on Demand™ Molding proces, compatible with polyamides and copolyeters, allows for quick and efficient overmolding without char or degredation.

The Mix on Demand Molding™ process, which uses 1 and 2 part Silicones, allows for overmolding of electronics as well as stand alone products like silicone optics.

Visitors were able to see first hand, the efficient operation of the Mold-Man 1050 and 2050 as we overmolded electronics on location.

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Designed for success.

Mold-Man Systems wants customers to succeed. All Mold-Man Machines are designed with capabilities to allow you to produce a variety of overmolding projects on the same piece of equipment. That’s right, we don’t believe in limiting a customers potential, so we pack more features into fewer models. It just makes sense. Mold-Man machines are configurable, and with our skilled engineering team, you have the expertise of those who engineer Mold-Man Machines available as part of your team for each project.

Engineered to perform.

When engineering Mold-Man Machines, we decided that in order to meet the demands of all types of low pressure molding projects, we needed to build solid, reliable, easy to use, well designed, technologically advanced, configurable, detailed, and safe equipment. We believe a machine should perform well and do so consistently, resulting in less wasted time, product and materials. And when you put that much into your equipment, aesthetics become a natural part.

Built to last.

Mold-Man Machines are made in USA, built to the highest standards and incorporate globally sourced high end components to meet world wide demands. Being configurable means that one machine can do multiple projects, so whether the focus stays on one, or shifts to another, your Mold-Man Machine is ready to perform. Our global support team is there to assist in guiding you in existing and future projects, making the most out of your Mold-Man Machine.

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MoldMan Systems has materials for overmolding electronics in multiple applications, using MoldMan Machines. Choose from Polyamides, Polyamide-Acrylic Hybrids, Copolyesters, Silicones, and even cleaning materials.