Introducing the new Mold Man® 2050TS Mix on Demand Molding™ table top machine.

Mold-Man 2050

Here we go again, causing a scene.

We just can’t seem to leave things alone. Our Melt on Demand Molding™ technology disrupted the way we all look at hot melt molding, by introducing the Mold Man® 2050 to the electronics overmolding industry. As we launched the 1050, we took another look around. We saw the need for be a better and more efficient way to overmold electronics and PCBs with single or 2 part silicones.

Conventional processes just don’t cut it.

Typical processes involve multiple steps for one finished overmolded product. The initial potting or overmolding, to protect the delicate electronics PCBs and LEDs without damaging them in the process with excessive heat or pressure. Then the chosen outer material, mixed in large batches (with a limited window before they begin setting), are pushed through on large machines with high pressure, and less than ideal control of material shot size.

What if we could streamline this?

And what if we could incorporate the positive characteristics of a variety of materials molded directly to delicate electronics PCBs and LEDs, without causing damage during the process? If this was possible, we would be introducing not only an efficient and more accurate process with less material waste, we would be introducing multiple types of protection that have not yet been available for use this way. The chemical resistances, the variety of shore durometers for protection against impact and vibration, control over expansion and contraction, the inherent protection against moisture, and the ability to direct light through optically clear silicones. Wow.

This changes, well, quite a bit.

With specially formulated materials, and Mix on Demand™ Molding, the possibilities of short to long runs of molded products, whether overmolded electronics or stand alone, we’ve introduced a new way to overmold electronics, wearables, and even optics, for customers of all sizes, across multiple industries. [More…]

Save time, money and resources.

Energy Efficient

One machine does the entire encapsulation process. Other processes such as potting require more equipment. Save on energy and maintenance.

Small Machine Footprint

Saves floor space compared to multiple pieces of equipment and racks typically required for potting.

No Work in Progress

Parts are final right out of the mold-set and can be tested immediately. No wasted parts that need to cure before they can be tested.