Mold Man® 8000TP

The Mold Man® 8000 has been discontinued. Please contact MoldMan Systems for support of your existing Mold Man® 8000. For more information, please refer to the link below.

Mold Man® 8000 Discontinuation Letter

Mold Man® 8000TP

Low-to-High Volume Machine for Thermoplastic Materials [TP]


  • Our most versatile machine
  • Designed for production runs around 250,000 units per year
  • Extremely user-friendly operation. No special training required to operate
  • Mold up to four cavities at the same time (depending on part size)
  • Fully independent adjustable process control
  • Precisely meter shot sizes
  • Accurately control flow rates
  • Exact pressure control
  • Patented permanent nozzle engagement for fewer moving parts
  • Soft close safety feature

Why choose a Mold Man® Machine?

Mold Man® Machines are designed exclusively for Low Pressure Molding. Focused on user friendliness, long service life and minimal maintenance. They are integrated, purpose built LPM machines, designed without maintenance intensive items.

  • No heated hoses
  • No exposed heated joints
  • No exposed moving injection nozzles


The Mold Man® 8000 is ideal for low to high volume production quantities. It is an automated single station Low Pressure Molding machine with an impressive track record. This is our most popular machine often used in three-shift operation.

How do we make a single station machine perform when high yearly volumes are needed? Ask us about our unique moldset solutions, multi cavities, pallet loading systems and more.

The Mold Man® 8000 is equipped with our proprietary pressure control system. This system controls volume and pressure independent of each other providing the flexibility to over-mold complex circuit boards and connectors.

Cooled mold platens eliminate hoses to the mold-set providing easy access for loading and unloading molded components.

Mold Man® 8000 Specs

Dimensions & Weight
Height 1625 mm / 64.0”
Width 1040 mm / 41.0”
Depth 740 mm / 29”
Weight 430 kg / 950 lbs
Power & Air Requirements
Voltage AC 208-230 V, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz
Power 4000 W
Air Pressure 8-10 bar / 115-145 psi
Air Volume 120 lpm / 4 SCFM
Standard Features
Clamp Pneumatic
Clamping Force 10 kn / 1 ton
Clamp Stroke 150 mm / 6”
Ejector Pneumatic
Mold-set Dimensions 200 mm x 150 mm / 8” x 6”
Injection Nozzle Patented Permanent Engagement
Mold-set Cooling Cross-drilled mold platens
Melt Reservoir 10 liter (10 kg) / 22 lbs self draining
Melt Temperature Up to 245° C / 475° F
Injection Pressure 1-30 bar / 15-450 psi
Shot Size 0.5-100 grams / 0.02-3 ounces, typically
Molding Cycle PLC controlled: standard or advanced injection profiles
Operator Display Touch screen interface with all molding parameters and cycle counter, customizable alarm screens, imperial or metric units
Safety Features
Two-hand-no-tie-down actuation with zero-force buttons, key lock for set-up or production mode, work table designed for easy mounting of custom fixtures, low initial clamping pressure, misplaced / foreign object sensing in clamping cycle, emergency-stop palm button
Mold Man® 8000 Options
Castor Kit Adds 127 mm / 5” to height. Kit includes four castors with mounting hardware
Double Clamping Cylinder Mold-set Cooling Kit Kit includes chiller, hoses and fittings

Compatible Materials

The following low pressure molding materials are compatible with Mold Man® 8000.