elemelt™ low pressure molding materials P-2000

elemelt™ : P-2000 : Hot-Melt Purge

MoldMan Systems™ has its own line of cleaning materials under the name elemelt™. Designed for use in low pressure molding applications, elemelt™ cleaning materials provide an alternative to typical cleaning and flushing. P-2000 lowers adhesion level of polyamides, specifically designed to speed up cleaning and purge time. P-2000 reduces downtime for cleaning machines or switching between materials.

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Product Description

P-2000 is a safe, non-hazardous, highly effective hot melt-cleaning compound. It has a pleasant odor and is environmentally friendly. Use of P-2000 helps reduce downtime and increases productivity. Prevents binding of applicator wheels, erratic pump stroking and loosens charred material. Also prevents nozzle clogging and hose constrictions.

P-2000 hot melt purge is designed for flushing reactive PUR hot melt adhesives from hot melt application equipment to prevent the cured hot melt from seizing up the nozzles and curing inside the applicator.

Also used for cleaning general hot melt equipment that contains EVA, polyethylene, rubber based PSAs and polyamides to remove oxidized and charred material.

Suggested Uses

P-2000 dissolves thermoplastic hot melt adhesives by dropping the adhesive viscosity and loosening charred material, which can then be flushed from the system, eliminating the waste of purging large quantities of adhesives through equipment.

Use of P-2000 as part of a regular preventative maintenance program eliminates costly unscheduled line shutdowns.

Upon start-up after the purging process, remove any excess P-2000 purge out of the nozzle prior to assembly using the reactive PUR hot melts.
P-2000 can be used on food packaging glue lines.

TDS-Elemelt-P-2000 [pdf]

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