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elemelt™ : SP79-160-A : Amber

MoldMan Systems™ has its own line of polyamides under the name elemelt™. Designed for use in general low pressure molding applications, elemelt™ polyamides provide a low cost alternative where specialty polyamides are not required.

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Product Description

Elemelt SP79-160-A is a high molecular weight polyamide resin designed for low pressure molding. This resin has the characteristics of a high softening point and excellent adhesion to multiple substrates. Application temperature is 180-200°C which is ideal for PCB encapsulation eliminating solder reflow issues. Adhesion can be improved with plasma treating or by using chemical primer. This product is also available in black.

TDS-Elemelt-SP79-160-A [pdf]

MSDS-SP79-160-A [pdf]

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