silset™ : SI3685 : Black

MoldMan Systems™ has its own line of silicones under the name silset™. Designed for use in low pressure molding applications, silset™ silicones provide an alternative to polyamides and copolyesters where solvent resistance, flexibility, elasticity, protection against temperature, and memory retention are required.

Product Description

Resinlab® silset™ SI3685 Black is a fast curing, two-part addition cure silicone designed for use with Moldman equipment. It cures to a soft, tough silicone rubber with excellent tear strength and adhesion to many substrates including FR4 circuit board. silset™ SI3685 offers additional cooling capabilities for temperature sensitive electronics and PCBs. It was formulated to a 1A:1B volume mix ratio for use in side-by-side dispensing cartridges and meter/mix and dispense equipment.

TDS-silset-si3685-black  [pdf]


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